With the sole purpose of meeting the needs of our participants while providing a much needed service to the community we offer the following services:

After School Programs

Year round after school enrichment programs for children, adolescents and young adults.

After school programs provide important benefits especially for students with disabilities. Students who attend after school programs on a regular basis tend to get better grades, have better behavior, increased self-esteem and more positive attitudes towards education. For students with special needs, afterschool programs also provide socialization and attention that they might not receive during the school day.
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Adult Day Program

Year round daytime program for adults (ages 18+).

At E-SOL's Adult Day Program participants learn meaningful skills that they utilize by participating in activities and trainings at the facility and in the community. Our instruction provides individuals the necessary skills to function effectively at home and in the various environments within the community.
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After Work program

Afternoon and evening program for adults (ages 18+).

Often times, behavior that is accepted as the “social norm” is not easily attained by people with special needs and challenges. Our after work program was developed to address this issue for our participants. This program is open later in the afternoon to allow working parents the additional time they need to transition from work to pick up their adult child.
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Saturday Community-Based Activity Program

Weekend programming for adult participants (ages 18+).

Experience and exposure are key elements necessary to teach our participants how to function in their communities. At the Saturday program our participants benefit from actually going out to the same places as their non-disabled counterparts.
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