Adult Day Program

At E-SOL's Adult Day Program participants learn meaningful skills that they utilize by participating in activities and trainings at the facility and in the community. Our instruction provides individuals the necessary skills to function effectively at home and in the various environments within the community.

Year round program for adults

Afternoon and evening program for adults (18+)

With more mature games and activities designed especially for teenagers, this program offers participants the opportunity interact and socialize with each other while learning valuable life skills that they need to make a successful transition into adulthood. Participants have fun playing computer games, singing karaoke, playing video games, and surfing the Internet. Participants can indulge in a new gym equipped with video interactive machines that enable them so play video games and/or watch music videos while the work out. We also teach participants how to prepare their own lunches and snacks. One particular aspect of this program is that participants do role play and have regular discussions about appropriate behavior and self-advocacy skills in various situations, facilitated by highly qualified and trained staff

Adult Day Program Calendar

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